EDGE Pilates Studio

WELCOME to Edge Pilates Studio

EDGE PILATES STUDIO is a specialty business offering certified Pilates Comprehensive Training, Post-Rehabilitative Training, TRX, 4D Pro, and Nutritional Programming.  The equipment based studio: through professional certified instruction, structures programming around each individual’s needs and goals. Athletic and functional health, sports conditioning, rehabilitative continuance, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition are worked on as exclusive privates or duets. Novice to advanced clientele, as well as abroad spectrum of ages, benefit from the diverse programming offered at EDGE PILATES STUDIO.

Located in North Gig Harbor, EDGE PILATES STUDIO serves both Pierce and Kitsap counties. The greater Gig Harbor area, Port Orchard, Key Peninsula and Tacoma are all within driving distance to the 5727 Baker Way NW. Gig Harbor location.

Utilizing STOTT PILATES, Balanced Body, TRX, and 4D Pro equipment, EDGE PILATES STUDIO’s instructors can train each person to their maximum capability. Bio-analogic Nutrition Programming, through ElectroLipoGraph testing with computerized interpretation, outlines: body composition, caloric expenditure, physical activity expenditure and nutritional guidelines specific to each individual.

Pilates originally created and pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, is a mind body exercise system designed to strengthen, stabilize and re-balance musculature. The same fundamentals and programming are executed within a contemporary, modernized format on Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrels as well as auxiliary pieces within the studio.